The Jumping Worm

Jumping worms are an invasive species native to Asia, that have found their way to the Midwest. The reason they are troublesome is because they negatively impact soil structure reduce plant growth. They are more active then your average Nightcrawler and tend to wiggle and jump, which is what is so disruptive to soil, making it take on an appearance similar to coffee grounds. They can be 1 1/2 – 8 inches long and feature a collar like ring, which helps identify them. They actually can tend to move in a “S” shape like a snake when disturbed.

Plaisted Companies is well aware of the Asian Jumping Worms issue in Minnesota.  To address this issue, Plaisted Companies have sent a Supervisor and a Pit Staff worker to the Jumping Worms Training sessions provided at the University of Minnesota.  In addition, the entire Pit Staff have received the online version of this training.  Plaisted Companies is aware of the University of Minnesota Jumping Worm Project website and intends to review the updates via the weekly Zoom-based training sessions so the Staff can remain current on any new information.  In addition, the MNLA Jumping Worms BMP document is posted in the Pit Office and at Dispatcher desks.  The MNLA Scoop article is also posted for all staff to review.  Plaisted Companies is awaiting the updated version of the MNLA Jumping Worms BMP so adjustments can be made accordingly.  Information of the management of the Jumping Worms issue will then be provided on the Plaisted Companies website. 

Plaisted Companies does not import any soil into their Pit area, which eliminates any outside source of contamination.  The Yard Waste used by Plaisted Companies is managed by OTI Organic Technologies and Elk River Composting.  They are a Certified Compost Suppliers. 

The Pine Bark chips brought on site are formally composted on site with fertilizer and moisture including proper turning to reach and maintain appropriate temperatures for several months.  Sand, rock and soil are all mined on site.  Plaisted Companies owns its own Peat Bogs so that source is well known and scouted for Jumping Worms even though Jumping Worms are not considered a concern in Peat.

Thus, Plaisted Companies has taken measures to eliminate outside contamination of all products.  The Staff has been educated as to the identification of the Worms and signs of their presence.  The Staff has been instructed to be vigilant and to be continuously scouting for presence of the Worms or any signs of their presence.  Sanitation of all sorts is a priority at Plaisted Companies.

As a result of the above practices, Plaisted Companies is confident that no Plaisted Companies Site or Products are infested with Asian Jumping Worms.  Plaisted Companies will continue to comply with the MNLA Jumping Worms BMP to the extent that is feasible and remain vigilant for their presence at all times.