Customers select from one of our standard mixes or have us custom blend a mix by specifying the percentage of each product wanted in the mix. We put each ingredient into a separate bin, then it is precisely fed onto the Accublender belt layering one product on top of the other. As it falls through special screens and paddles, the ingredients are blended together creating a consistent product, load after load.

Technical Soil Services
Our 4-bin Accublender™ precisely measures and blends up to 4 products.
Commercial Sands
Our portable 2-bin Accublender™ blends up to 2,500 tons of materials/day, at your site.


As Soil Experts, Plaisted Companies can provide portable blending solutions between construction and landscaping development. The Accublender™ 2 is a portable two-bin blender capable of blending up to 2,500 tons of material a day on-site. This is ideal for locations where acceptable materials are available to blend and there is sufficient space.
Portable Blender


Material Testing and Sand Gradations

We use our internal testing lab to verify sand gradations, allowing you to narrow down your options before paying for outsourced independent testing. We use several independent testing labs for verification of quality analysis or we will use the lab that you request.


Plaisted personnel are experienced professionals with extensive golf course and athletic field construction experience. They can help make planning and product decisions while keeping your budget in mind. We offer free consultation and on-site sourcing for large projects. We are experts in commercial soil and rocks.

Contact these product specialists for more detail on specific products

Golf and Athletic Field Products & Park Products
Kerry Glader 763.633.6571 C 612.868.0163
Scott Thayer 763.633.6570 C 612.369.4492
Horticulture and Peat Products
Scott Thayer 763.633.6570 C 612.369.4492
Andy Andersen 763.633.6574 C 414.305.9044
Mayhauna Donnette 763.633.6575 C 763.333.6173
Sand and Gravel Aggregates, Plaisted Engineered Soils
Brad Behrns 763.633.6572 C 612.221.8798
Bruce Dalchow 763.633.6573 C 763.238.3531
Hardscapes Landscape Products and Mason Supplies
Paul Carlson 763.441.7111 C 763.633.6567
Cindy Pauly 763.441.7111 C 763.633.6576
Jack Johnson 763.441.7111 C 763.633.6577
Tayla Goers 763.441.7111 C 763.234.9984

Quality Control

  • On-site testing
  • State certified personnel
  • Annual scale certification
  • Superior quality aggregates


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