Bullet (4″h x 12″w x 4″d)
Available in 9 different colors


Plaisted carries a professional-grade plastic lawn edging that provides a crisp, clean appearance.

20 ft. Professional Edging (heavy-duty sticks)

Professional-Grade Landscape Fabric & Products from SRW Products
Plaisted carries a selection of top quality landscape fabrics to meet your project needs.

The popular weed control fabrics feature polyspun geotextiles that allow air, water and nutrients to pass through.
They conserve soil moisture and promote healthy plant growth by eliminating the competing weeds.

We also carry landscape fabrics designed for erosion control and geogrid fabrics that are great for retaining walls.
We can help you select the correct fabric for your project.

Other products include:

Quality tools to get your landscape projected done:
Our Retail Outlet also carries the following professional-grade landscape supplies: lawn edging, landscape fabric, black poly, rakes, shovels, hammers, staples, and more.