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WASHED AGGREGATES – Suited for drain tile to roof ballast

  • 3/8″ – 1/2″- 3/4″ Pipe Bedding Rock (round)
  • 3/8″ Buckshot (Pea Gravel)
  • 3/4″ River Rock (round)
  • 3/4″ Rock & Sand Mix
  • 3/4″ CA-50 Crushed Granite (2D2 Spec)
  • 1 1/2″ Roof Ballast (round)
  • 1 1/2″ Sewer Rock (round)
  • 1 1/2″ CA-1 Crushed Granite
  • 2″ Crushed Granite Construction Entryway Rock (used for as a buffer from the construction site to the local roadways to keep construction materials off of the road)
  • #7 Roof Rock (round)
  • MN DOT Coarse Filter Aggregate 3149.2H
  • MN DOT Medium Filter Aggregate 3149.J1
  • MN DOT Fine Filter Aggregate 3149.J2
  • Red Ball Diamond Aggregate
  • Shoreline Filter Rock MN DOT 3601


We make our own Class 5 Gravel and Recycled Concrete at our Elk River facility. Our quality base products are available in a variety of colors and product choices to meet your specification and pocketbook. All road and driveway base materials are considered compactable materials and will make a firm driving surface for a range of applications, from cart paths to road construction base:

  • Crushed Construction Entry Rock — Used to buffer job site construction soils from going onto the street
  • UPM Asphalt Patch — Used as a premium asphalt patch material
  • 1/2″ with Fines Granite
  • 3/8″ with Fines River Rock
  • 3/8″ with Fines Red Limestone
  • Class 2 Granite
  • Class 2 Buff Limestone
  • Class 2 Red Limestone
  • Class 5 Gravel
  • Crushed (recycled) Asphalt
  • Recycled Concrete

3/8 inch Washed Granite
3/8″ Unwashed Granite
1/2 inch washed Granite
1/2″ Unwashed Granite
Class 2 Granite
Class 2 Granite
3/8 inch Red Limestone
3/8″ Red Limestone
Class 2 Buff Limestone
Class 2 Buff Limestone
Class 2 Red Rock Base Material
Class 2 Red Rock Base

  • Buckshot (Pea Gravel)
  • Foundation Rock
  • MN DOT Filter Aggregates
  • Pipe Bedding Rock
  • River Rock
  • Rock & Sand Mixes
  • Roof Ballast
  • Sewer Rock
  • Shoreline Restoration Rock
  • Class 2 Rock
  • Class 5 Gravel
  • Construction Entryway Rock
  • Crushed (recycled) Asphalt
  • Recycled Concrete
  • UPM Asphalt Patch

Foundation Rock

gravel supply MN
Our washed and screened rock meets residential radon mitigation requirements, Section AF103.2 of the Minnesota Residential Energy Code.
Foundation Rock Flyer


Shoreline Restoration
Use to stabilize shoreline erosion—meets MN DOT 3601-2 Specification.


Pea Rock
The smart choice for playgrounds—improves safety, drainage and overall sanitation. The National Safety Council recommends a minimum depth of 12″ around equipment, in a 6′ fall zone.
Pea Gravel Flyer