Arena Mixes That Are Safe, Non-Toxic & Affordable

The main component of arena mixes is the sand. The selection process takes into account the riding style, the number of horses using the ring and the duration of ring use, watering capability for the ring, existing materials, and seasonal weather conditions.

Plaisted Equestrian mix can be paired with durable soil amendments made from new polyester materials that are non-toxic and non-allergenic. These materials stabilize the sand particles and mimic the effect of the rooting system of turf.

Plaisted Companies will help you determine the correct type and depth of the Plaisted Horse Arena Mix for your need, and can deliver your mix.

Our equestrian mixes have been developed specifically for Midwest arenas in cooperation with equine specialists. Our patented, computerized AccuBlender™ ensures consistent, quality footing mixes. We can deliver your custom-blended, ready-to-spread mix or you can order the equestrian sand and amendment materials separately and do your own blending.

Material Options

Class 5 Sand & Gravel (base)
Concrete Sand (stays loose)
Select Granular (stays loose)
Wash Pond Silt (firm & holds moisture)
Horse Arena Mix (extra firm & holds moisture)

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Equestrian Arena Mixes

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Equestrian Arena Mixes