When the full analysis is done, Natural Turf is a 4:1 win over synthetic.

High-performance natural turf fields are used by all but two of the Major League baseball teams and are the winner among NFL teams that have outdoor stadiums. When all the cost calculations are done (installation, annual maintenance, replacement), four natural turf fields can be built for the cost of one synthetic field—a clear winner for school field Title IX initiatives. Check out our 4-page brochure which includes a cost comparison of artificial versus natural turf fields, looks at field performance criteria and addresses turf safety issues.
Athletic Field Mixes & Sands


Golf & Athletic Product List

Choose from any topdressing sands listed below or create your own mix. Plaisted topdressing sands meet USGA guidelines and are available in green pigmented and can be dried to meet your specifications.

We can blend any combination of materials to meet your individual needs. For instance, create a topdressing sand with fertilizer or humates with a porous ceramic to increase CEC ratio.

Topdressing Sand
Meets USGA Guidelines and is also available in green pigmented
Tournament Topdressing
A special fine grade for the bentgrass varieties
Fairway Topdressing
Special coarse grade to allow lateral water movement
Topdressing Sand/Peat/Black Dirt Mix
Topdressing Sand/Peat Mix
Topdressing Sand/Peat/Black Dirt Mix
Topdressing Sand & Peat Mix
Topdressing Sand & Peat Mix
Topdressing Sand/Peat/Black Dirt Mix
Topdressing Sand & Peat Mix
Topdressing Sand & Peat Mix
Topdressing Sand & Peat Mix


Bunker Sands
Best Signature Blend White Bunker Sand

Our bunker sands are always washed and screened.

Choose from the following:

  • Plaisted Bunker Sand – natural tan, meets USGA guidelines with a 2.4 pentrometer index.
  • Plaisted Pro Bunker Sand Blend – natural tan sand blended with our crushed sand, meets USGA guidelines with a 3.3 pentrometer index.
  • Best Signature Tour Blend – off-white in color, firm, 3.0 pentrometer index, stocked locally.
  • Best Signature 100% Crushed – white, very firm with a 3.6 pentrometer index, trucked in from Chardon, OH.

Get a fresh look at the benefits natural turf has on the environment:

The cooling effect • Pollution control • An aquifer recharger • Naturally regenerative • Naturally attractive

Minnesota Vikings Turf

Our Soil Specialists will help you determine the best mixes for your field conditions. We can also custom blend mixes using our Accublender™.

  • Athletic Topdressing Sand
  • Athletic Rootzone Mixes (sand and peat)
  • Construction Sand (coarse grade for firmer footing)
  • Drain Tile Materials


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Golf Course Mixes & Sands

Synthetic vs. Natural Turf

This article helps unravel the real costs of a new field, including maintenance. You’ll discover why natural turf continues to outperform synthetic and how it helps meet Title IX initiatives for schools. You’ll also learn why there is an increase in reported lawsuits against synthetic turf.
Synthetic vs Natural Turf


Our bunker sands are always washed and screened. Choose from the following:

  • USGA Coarse Gravel: A great bridging rock (3/8″), used as a drainage layer for the root-zone mix

All Construction mixes use USGA sand and a combination of fine grade peat and screened black dirt. Choose one of our popular recipes, or we can custom blend your own mix.

  • Construction Sand & Peat Mix: 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 85/15, 90/10
  • Construction Sand & Black Dirt Mix: 50/50, 70/30, 80/20
  • Construction Sand & Peat/Black Dirt Mix: 1-1-1, 60/20/20, 70/20/10, 80/10/10


The following products are available in 40 lb. bags:

  • Dry Topdressing Sand – an easy way to lightly topdress greens
  • Dry Tournament Topdressing – a topdress for modern bentgrasses during warm months
  • Dry Green Topdressing Sand – this pigmented sand is used for divots and ball marks
  • Dry Early-Green Black Topdressing Sand – for thawing ice and warming the soil
  • Dry 70/30 Green Divot Mix – peat added for holding moisture

We can also bag sand in 1,000 to 3,000 lb. totes–a convenient way to store product, plus keeps product dry and easier to use.

Golf Course Soil Experts

“I just wanted to share with you how much we appreciate Plaisted Companies as a partner on our projects. As you know our company travels all around the US doing projects which opens us up to working with many other vendors outside your delivery area. During our project at Windsong Farm there was need for a large tonnage, and often in short durations. Your team got it done! No one does a better job than Plaisted’s at getting us the materials we order in such a timely manner. During a time when employment around the trucking is challenging you and your team always find a way to help keep our team productive with quality product in a timely manner.
Please be sure to share this with everyone, as it takes everyone at Plaisted’s pulling together to make your organization a top notch supplier to the golf industry.”
Judd Duininck – Division Manager | Duininck Golf