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In Defense of Peat

Check out this terrific article from Greenhouse management magazine about the benefits of using horticultural peat and the statistical evidence supporting how some of the negative connotations of it’s use are greatly overblown.

How to figure cubic yards needed to cover an area.

One of the first questions that will arise when you are planning out your projects is, “How much of the material am I going to need?” For the average homeowner it’s not easy to visualize how much a ton of decorative rock or a yard of mulch is. Plaisted Companies has a handy volume calculator […]

The Jumping Worm

Jumping worms are an invasive species native to Asia, that have found their way to the Midwest. The reason they are troublesome is because they negatively impact soil structure reduce plant growth. They are more active then your average Nightcrawler and tend to wiggle and jump, which is what is so disruptive to soil, making […]

How Soil is Like Your Toolshed!

Do you remember being a young kid and wanting to help your parents fix or build something for the first time?  The world of tools was both fascinating and intimidating.  You may have heard a request like, “Grab me that crescent wrench!” only to lay eyes on a vast assortment of steel utensils that all […]

Spring Load Restrictions

Imagine for a second that it’s late April in MN and it’s a balmy 50 degrees.  The snow has almost melted, and you are thinking about that big landscaping project you planned last Fall in preparations for the big graduation party you plan on throwing in early June.  You figure if you start now, you’ve […]

Total Garden Blend Growing Contest – Begins May 1st

Total Garden Blend Growing Contest Rules: Begins Monday, May 1st – ends August 1st, 2019 Stop by your local garden center to purchase a bag of Total Garden Mix Three winners: • 1st Place – $100 gift card from where you purchased your garden mix from • 2nd Place – $100 gift card from where […]