DIY Landscape Favorites

Turn your yard into an outdoor oasis. Plaisted’s black dirt is pulverized and screened—perfect for your lawn, garden and planting applications. We carry boulders from 2” to 24” for landscaping and decorative ponds, pond lining, erosion control, creek-bed lining and retaining walls. We have landscaping sand, mulch, rocks and many the other materials for your DIY project. Ask about delivery.

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  • Pulverized black dirt
  • Compost mixes
  • Garden Mixes
  • Sand and gravel
  • Mulch and decorative rock
  • Boulders and river rock
  • Retaining wall block
  • Pavers and stepping stones

Homeowner Landscaping
Homeowner Pavers and Rock
Homeowner Landscape Boulders