A rare feature of Peat, Inc. is the balance of bio activators known as peat humic substances. This natural balance of organic acids stimulates both plant growth and beneficial soil microbes. The richness of these humic substances reduces the need to supplement the rootzone with any biological additives.

In this industry, quality control focuses on managing the resource. Our peat is vacuum-harvested from fields where all de-watering is controlled. This assures efficient harvesting and higher organic yield, providing our customers with the best possible value in organics. Two grades of pure materials are produced through efficient harvesting. Our products are available nationwide in five cubic yard totes or in bulk from live-floor vans. Our testing and technical information are available upon request.

Our Course and Fine peat are available FOB McGregor, MN, or FOB Elk River and are available in 5-yard bags or bulk.

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Peat Harvested in Minnesota

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