Ice Control Sand

Plaisted Ice Control Sand is washed coarse sand that will not tunnel over augers, always free flowing.


ice control sand

Bagged Salt

Plaisted offers a variety of bagged salt including Mega Melt ProSlicer and Ice Cutter.


bagged salt

Salt-Sand Mixes

Our Salt-Sand Mixes are mechanically blended and screened to insure consistency. We have 20% salt-sand mixes in stock – custom ratios are available by special request.

ice control sand

Other Winter Products

Traction Grit Sand – 2 gal pail
Heavy Duty Spreader – 80 lb. capacity
Medium Duty Spreader – 65 lb. capacity
18″ Snow Plow Scoop Shovel
24″ Snow Plow Push Shovel
30″ Snow Plow Push Shovel
36″ Snow Plow Push Shovel

30 inch Shovel
Chapin sand salt spreaders